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 Where the magic happens 

cutting edge

horse training facilities

In 1997 Glade Knight teamed up with John Mitchell to create one of the best cutting horse programs. To date, Slate River is recognized for having premier quality American Quarter horses that are proven to be successful at NCHA events. The culmination of our program and cutting edge facilities have allowed us to stay competitive at shows. 

Our facilities include several barns, sheds, and a climate controlled indoor arena. 

breeding barns & facilities

Our Texas ranch contains a fully functional state of the art breeding facility. Unlike other ranches, Slate River does not outsource foaling and mare care; rather, we manage the foaling process in-house. Our breeding facility is climate controlled and designed to maximize mare and stud comfort for optimal foal turn out. 

Fac-Cattle Operations

cattle operations

While each ranch has its own charm, both ranches have cattle operations. The Texas ranch sustains a feeder cattle program with 8,000 to 10,000 cattle per year. We graze wheat pastures in the winter and coastal/native pastures in the summer. The Virginia ranch operates a cow-calf program with a 175 mama cow herd where they graze on the lush green pastures along the Slate River. Much of our success in the cattle industry is attributed to our strategic partnerships with some of the best buyers and sellers in the market.

farming operations & logistics

Slate River Ranch prides itself on our ability to provide the highest quality hay. Using contemporary methods of sowing and harvesting, Slate River has been able to sustain consistent growth in our farming operations.  In a given year, we produce between 6,000 to 10,000 bales of coastal and wheat hay which is used to support our cutting horse, breeding, and cattle programs.

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