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Mare Power

we breed our top performers

Strongest mares in the industry

Slate River Ranch is home to some of the strongest mares in the cutting industry: they currently represent more than $1.8 million in combined earnings. Slate River Ranch is dedicated to improving genetics through breeding of these top-performing mares and has seen great success in the ranch foals since the Ranch’s inception.

junie wood

junie wood

we breed our top performers

Top performers include NCHA Horse of the Year Junie Wood (2010-2020), Playin N Fancy Peppy (1997-2019), Play Miss, Bobs Smart Chance, and Peptos Stylish Miss.

great horses are born of great dams

Slate River Ranch mares have produced foals with earnings of nearly $2 million, including: Autumn White’s foals with earnings of more than $653,520; Playin N Fancy Peppy’s foals with earnings of more than $551,744; and Play Miss’s foals with earnings of more than $418,000. Bobs Smart Chance is the dam and grand-dam of foals earning over $439,000.

The legacies of NCHA Horse of the Year Junie Wood and Playin N Fancy Peppy live on through their offspring.



LTE: $379,818.34         

Foxie Cat

LTE: $72,034.05         

offspring lte : $59,452.34


Miss Stylish cat

LTE: $60,139.68

LTE: $60,139.68

offspring LTE: 

LTE: $120,698.05

MK Cats kitty

offspring LTE: $6,464.00

MK CatsKitty_SS_Mitchell_DPH7358.JPG


LTE: $180,165.13         

offspring lte : $765,148

peptos stylish miss

LTE: $296,597.69         

offspring lte : $387,992

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